Why a BLOG?

While you could keep your work in a three ring binder, on a flash drive, or even crumpled in your bag, these options of storage do not hold the same relevance, reliability, or realness as a personal blog. Most of us will not get out our old binders at the end of the year and show off our favorite essays.  We may keep our flash drives, but unless they are in our pocket, we will not share or revisit the material.  And crumpled paper, well, those will most likely be destroyed with old gum and at best make it to a recycle bin to be used again in another life.  Blogs are personal!  You will have your own website that echoes your personality, contains your thoughts, and can be added to as you go throughout school and life. You can tweet a blog, access resources for a resume, show off your favorite work, and much much more.  ARE YOU SOLD YET?

 If not, embrace the popularity of blogging!  Blogging is to America as Big Mac is to McDonalds.  Famous icons, leaders, celebrities, music artists, business owners, etc are publishing their work and thoughts online.  Have you heard of any of these names?

  • Bruce Willis,  Diana Agron and Kevin McHale of Glee, Joe Jonas.
  • Joseph Gordan Levitt starred in “50/50,” “10 Things I Hate About You,” and the recent BATMAN.

THEY ARE ALL BLOGGING!  NOW ARE YOU SOLD?  If not, jump on board, your personal blog is ready to be launched into the world through your English class.

**NOTE:  Blogging comes with responsibility.  Not all bloggers are responsible with what they publish to the World Wide Wed.  Read both the permission slip and expectations for student in the blogging process as we get ready to blog in class.

Hello world!

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